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United Nations Environmental Protection Organization for full report on "Depleted Uranium in Serbia/Montenegro Post- Conflict Environmental Assessment"
Event organized by:
RAS The International Serbian Organization
George Mason University

Arlington Original Campus, Orange Metro Line, Virginia Square - GMU 3401 Fairfax Drive, Original Building, Room: ARL 244
Due to the targeting of the NATO bombardment on industrial sites as well as military targets, a tremendous number of industrial chemicals were released into the atmosphere and environment.

Key speakers :

Introduction speach prepared by Branka Al-Hamdy

Jasmina L. Vujic, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair of Nuclear Engineering, University of Berkley, California presenting her work: “Environmental Consequences of War”. In her speech she explained the long-lasting impact of DU on people of Serbia and Kosovo. She stated that over 30,000 round of ammunition containing DU were expended over Kosovo and southern Serbia, totaling more than 12,000 kilograms (26,400 pounds) of radioactive material that is now in the soil and water of Kosovo and Serbia. Marked increases in Hodgkin’s disease and various types of lymphoma’s and cancers indicate a direct correlation between the use of this weaponry and the cancer rates in these effected areas.
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Sriram Gopal, M.S. , JD
Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Science,
former Institute for Energy and Environmental Research staff scientist
presenting his research work: “Precision Bombing, Widespread Harm
Two Case Studies of the Bombings of Industrial Facilities at Pancevo and Kragujevac During Operation Allied Force, Yugoslavia 1999. He talked about his personal experiences working in Serbia after the NATO bombing campaign, including the failure of government organizations to clean up the environmental disaster. Mr. Gopal published a book: “Precision Bombing, Widespread Harm - Two Case Studies of the Bombing of Industrial Facilities at Pancevo and Kragujevac during Operation Allied force, Yugoslavia 1999.”
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Zorka Vukmirovic, Ph.D.
Chemistry, Research Professor Emeritus, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia presenting her work: "Atmospheric Transport and Deposition of Persistent Organic Pollutants under Warfare Conditions. Dr. Vukmirovic has undertaken an extensive study of these pollutants which show the spread and effect of these chemicals into the air and waterways of Southern Europe, threatening wildlife, food supplies, and most importantly human life. She documented the significant increases in cancers surrounding the industrial sites that were bombed, and showed that the levels of PCB’s and mercury in areas of Serbia were more than 20 times their normal level directly after the bombing.Dr. Vukmirovic has recently published a book: "Environmental Consequences of War and Aftermath" Publisher: SPRINGER Berlin / Heidelberg, 2009.
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Closing speach by Simonida Uth